The fifth high-level public and private sector cooperation conference will bring together Finnish and Estonian authorities  and  agencies, senior and division managers of international organizations and
renowned  experts  from  the  private  sector  to  discuss  the  options  and  directions  in combating economic crime.  We will analyze the threats in the field  and  provide an overview of both national and international best practice in the fight against economic crime. We will discuss the activities of the authorities in detecting and combating criminal activity. In the course of the conference, we will conduct  a frank discussion of the problems  and  difficulties  arising  in  the field to design the best possible solutions. The conference is also focused on information exchange between the public and private sector and cooperation opportunities in crime prevention. Information of the key speakers can be found HERE.


DAY I 16.3.2016

10 – 11 Arrival and conference registration

11 Opening of the conference: 
     Moderator Ramon LOIK
, Lecturer, StratPol Consult Int. Consultant
– 11.15 Welcome speech and opening discussion: 
     Finnish Embassy in Tallinn
, Ambassador Kirsti NARINEN
     Estonian Embassy in Helsinki, Head of Consulate Liina VIIES

11.15-11.30 Opening speechEstonian Ministry of Justice, Minister Urmas REINSALU

11.30 – 12 Panel I – National strategies and policies in combating economic crime
     Parliament of Finland, member of Legal Affairs Committee, member of Parliament Tom                PACKALEN
     Parliament of Estonia, member of Anti-Corruption Select Committee and Legal Affairs                  Committee, member of Parliament Raivo AEG

12 – 13 International economic crime and security
     12 – 12.30 Interpol efforts on combating economic crime
     INTERPOL, Anti-Corruption, Financial Crimes Sub-Directorate, Coordinator Sebastian BLEY
     12.30 – 13 Regional efforts against global threats

     Interpol Liaison Officer to Europol Lenno REIMAND  * via Skype

13 – 14 LUNCH

14 – 14.30 The most vulnerable sectors of the business environment in the region
     Ernst & Young Oy, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Senior Manager
     Ernst & Young Baltic AS, Fraud Investigation & Dispute Services, Senior Manager
     Marilin PIKARO

14.30 – 15.30 Panel II – The priorities of Estonian and Finnish government agencies in combating economic crime
     Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, Head of Special Investigations Ari KARVONEN
     Estonian Police and Border Guard
, Head of Central Criminal Police Krista AAS
     Finnish Customs
, Head of Enforcement Sami RAKSHIT
     Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Head of Investigation Department Rain KUUS
     Finnish Tax Administration, Control Director Jarkko ORJALA 

15.30 – 16 COFFEE BREAK

16 – 17 Panel III – Experience from the public and private sectors and their cooperation in combating economic crime
     Estonian Public Prosecutor’s Office, Procecutor General Lavly PERLING
     Finnish-Estonian Chamber of Commerce, Member of the Board Simo S. HÄMÄLÄINEN
     ACE Logistics Group
, Chairman of the Council Karli LAMBOT 
     Law Firm SORAINEN, Partner, Attorney at Law Pekka PUOLAKKA

17 – 17.30 Panel IV – Risk management and due diligence in public and private sector
     Inforegister, Founder and Manager Marie ROSIN
     Estonian Police and Border Guard, Head of Internal Control Bureau Raul VAHTRA

17.30 – 18 Brief summary and analysis of Day I, proposals
     Finnish security and risk management magazine "Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta", Editor in      Chief Timo LAHTINEN
     Estonian Police and Border Guard magazine "RADAR"
, Editor in Chief Annika                            TUULEMÄE

18 – 19.30 Conference Networking Event

DAY II 17.3.2016

09 –  10 Arrival and conference registration

10 Opening of the day
     Moderator Ramon Loik
, Lecturer, StratPol Consult Int. Consultant

10 – 10.15 Opening speech: Valdar LIIVE, Developer of Finnish-Estonian Economic Cooperation

10.15 – 12 Panel I – Legal cooperation in combating economic crime
     10.15 – 10.45 Best practices and challenges in cooperation of international criminal                    proceedings
     EUROJUST, Financial and Economic Crime Team, Public Prosecutor Michael SCHMID
     10.45 – 11.15 Legal assistance vs. Joint Investigation Teams in Finnish-Estonian                          cooperation  
     Finnish Office of the Procecutor General, Prosecution Unit, International Affairs, Legal                Counsellor Tuuli EEROLAINEN
     Estonian Public Prosecutor’s Office, State Procecutor Piret PAUKŠTYS
     11.15 – 12 Practical examples of cross-border cooperation
     Finnish National Bureau of Investigation
, Head of Economic Crime Markku RANTA-AHO
Estonian Central Criminal Police, Head of Economic Crime Department Janek MAASIK
     Estonian Tax and Customs Board, Head of International Department Neeme ROHTJÄRV
     Finnish Customs, Head of Enforcement Esko HIRVONEN   

12 – 13 LUNCH

13 – 13.30 Modern intelligence management, analysis and exchange of information
     IBM Analytics, Head of Safer Planet Sami SERPOLA 

13.30 – 14.30 Panel II – Best practices in cooperation between the private and public sector
     13.30 – 13.45 Finnish examples and challenges
     Federation of Finnish Financial Services, Head of Prevention and Security Risto KARHUNEN
– 14.30 Cooperation between Estonian and Finnish financial corporations, examples        and exchange of information in combating economic crime
     Estonian Insurance Association, Member of the Board Andres PIIRSALU
     Estonian Leasing Association
, Member of the Board Sven JÜRGENSON
     Federation of Finnish Financial Services, Head of Prevention and Security Risto KARHUNEN

14.30 – 15 COFFEE BREAK

15 – 15.30 Effective risk management and internal control to prevent criminal damages in             companies, SRV processes for combating economic crime in construction industry
    SRV Rakennus Oy, Head of Security Jari KORPISAARI

15.30 – 16.15 Panel III - Best practices and international sanctions in combating money                  laundering and terrorist finacing
     Finnish National Bureau of Investigation, Head of Finnish Financial Intelligence Unit Pekka        VASARA
     Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority, Head of Market Supervision and Enforcement,              Business Conduct Supervision, Anti Money Laundering, Member of the Board Andre NÕMM
     LHV Pank, Head of Anti Money Laundering Division Aivar PAUL

16.15 - 17 Panel IV – Fundamental breakthroughs in detecting criminal corruption in the          public and private sector
     Transparency International Finland, Chairman of the Board Jarmo MIELONEN
     Estonian Internal Security Service, Deputy Director General Eerik HELDNA
     Estonian Central Criminal Police
, Head of Anti-Corruption Unit Mati OMBLER

17 - 17.30 Conclusion of the conference and further proposals
     Finnish security and risk management magazine "Turvallisuus & Riskienhallinta", Editor in      Chief Timo LAHTINEN
     Estonian Police and Border Guard, Central Criminal Police
, Head of Communications Uku        TAMPERE

All interested parties from both the public and private sector are very welcome. 
The conference is in Finnish, Estonian and English and simultaneous translation is provided. 

Participation fee includes: materials, coffee breaks, lunches and a formal reception on 16.03.2016. Price information can be found HERE.


Adress of the conference: Toompuiestee 27, Tallinn, Estonia

To register for the conference, please fill in the registration form HERE or call: (+372) 51 07907.

We offer accommodation on favourable terms in the same hotel as well as extra services free of charge:  Standard single / double room: 60 EUR / night.  Price includes: buffet breakfast, use of the water and sauna center (between 7:00 and 22:00), use of the fitness center throughout the day and complimentary high-speed WiFi connection. When booking the accommodation, please use the discount code: FIN-EST-ECC-2016  

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With best cooperation wishes
Martin Ilumets and Reigo Reimand
Conference Management